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Moog, A. Robert tecnología With digital objects
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Electronic Music Review Nº 4

EMscope ( Tristram Cary)
Superserialismus - Is There a Cure ?
Symposium: Mixer and Level Controls ( Robert A. Moog)
Introduction to Mixers and Level Controls ( James Seawright)
Fundamental Concepts of Electronic Music Mixers (Gerald Shapiro)
Fundamental Design of Electronic Music Mixers (Hugh Le Caine)
Some Applications of Electrical Level Controls ( Federic Rzewski)
A Photoresistor Mixer for Live Performance ( Fernando von Reichenbach)
The Sound Level Photogrammer ( Robert A. Moog)
Construction of a Simple Mixer ( Paul Ketoff)
The Synket ( Kurt Stone, Joel Chadabe)

Recorte de diario: "Premier" Triunial sets new standards

Electronic Music Review Nº 4

Introduction to Tape Rocording ( Robert A. Moog)
The Quality Race ( Walter Carlos, Benjamin Folkman)
A Report on Tape Recorders ( Gordon Mumma)
Multi-Track Recording in Electronic Music ( Walter Carlos, Benjamin Folkman)
The MRS Recorder (Gerald S. Macdonal )
Noise Reduction in Electronic Music ( Ray M. Dolby)
The Newell Tape Transport ( Eugene M. Zumchak)
Electronic Music and Music Education ( Wayne Barlow)
Review (Hugh Davies )